Windows Vista December CTP

22 12 2005
Well I have been toying with it for a long time, but I think this will be the build that takes the centre stage on my PC. I installed 5270 last night, and have to say I am impressed. The updated GUI is fantastic, Aero looks the business (but it tends to when you buy a PC spec’d to handle it). It seems a lot crisper and more responsive than the previous builds. The new version of Movie Maker looks pretty nice, but I have to admit I only spent a couple of minutes with it.
Over Chrimbo, in between getting the house ready for the impending baby and finishing off the garden, I will delete the main XP installation (which is suffering under the installation of Office 12) and install 5270 properly. So if I fall off the net you’ll know why.
Happy Christmas !!



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22 12 2005
Helga Guerrin


If whilst closely examining a streaming dog turd you preceived the word ‘Microsoft’ in the collection of crevices & creases we would soon see a post here so say how impressed you were.

Get a grip man, it’s just shite.

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