Weekend catchup…

5 12 2005

Hello.. we had a really really full on weekend, as a result, I am sitting here at work now absolutely buggered, three large strong coffee’s
Rach has been up in Sydney for a couple of days visiting her brother, and came back on Saturday afternoon. So as you can guess, Saturday morning was mostly cleaning up the house! It’s strange, I have hardly been home, I was only there Tuesday night, Wed & Thu I was in Adelaide, and Friday night I didn’t get home until late and the house still looks like a bomb hit it… What should have been a solid week of nerding turned into mostly a week of working and sleeping 😦
The computer is playing up at the moment, it’s been running like a dog for a couple of weeks now, around the time that Office 12 made an appearance on the ‘All Programs’ menu. I am going to have to bite the bullet and rebuild the machine over Christmas. There is a feature complete (or near feature complete) build of Vista supposed to be dropped before christmas, so maybe I will finally make the shift over to that. The only problem is that Office 12 doesn’t run on Vista yet, so that testing would get relegated to a VM. Plus I need to get the house sorted out for the impending arrival of Mini Burton at the end of Feb.
Sunday we spend most of the day shopping. Rach has finished all of her Christmas shopping now, which is great, as she sorts out all of the family as well. All that is left is for me to get her pressies, which I will this week. I am a little concerned that Rach is planning  a ‘spectacular’ (as the IRA used to call it) for Christmas as she has said that the budget is out. This of course is good, but not if you havn’t got a fricking clue what to buy her!! Ideas on a postcard please.
Tonight is baby class on the subject of breast feeding. Finally a video that I won’t mind watching. 🙂
Oh and before I forget, Surface is showing in Australia, Tuesday’s 7:30pm on Channel 10. Watch this show people, it rocks!!



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