The First Baby Class…

15 11 2005
Last night Rach and I had our first baby class. I am not convinced that we are going to learn a lot from it, but I will keep an open mind. There are about 8 other couples who are in our group, but Rach and I seem to be one of the last couples to be having the baby (end of Feb).
I did however learn a few important things:
  • I know how to change a nappy, on an inanimate plastic doll. I imagine it will be slightly different on a kicking, screaming and poo smelling baby
  • I know how to burp a baby, once again using an inanimate plastic doll that cannot vommit
  • I learnt that if I want my baby to be safe, I need to spend $50 to get someone to fit the baby seat
  • I learnt what a ‘show’ is. Not going to recount it here, but it’s not pleasant
  • and finally, I learnt that my sense of humour is not necessarily the same as everyone elses… there was a ‘tumbleweed’ moment 🙂

Next week’s topic is labour. Stay tuned for how long I lasted before I left the room, or worse, collapsed…




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