Some new software…

14 11 2005


I have been using a piece of software called Slide for the last week or so. So what is it you may be asking? Well it’s a program that allows you to add items to a slideshow which you can invite your friends to subscribe to. Underneath it uses RSS to push the data around which is excellent. I am really digging the whole RSS thing. Lots and lots of possibilities for this technology.
The reason I am using it is that with the little one coming soon, I wanted a way to be able to transmit video’s we had taken quickly and easily to the UK so the grandparents to be can see their grandchild. Now with all due respect, my parents arn’t the most computer literate so it had to be simple. Also, given the timezones, a system that can cache the file is also an advantage so that we can transmit it when convenient, and they can download it when convenient. Using my sexy new video camera, and the awsome Microsoft Movie Maker software I can record something, transfer it to the compuer, compress it and send have it ready to send in a couple of minutes.
Of course the proof in the pudding is in the eating, or so they say. Last night, my parents successfully managed to download the videos and then to add a video of my sisters wedding to the slide for me to recieve.
Slide also allows normal images, not just video’s to be ‘slid’ which is another excellent way of transmitting data, however I think I will stick to Picasa and Gmail. There is also a directory of slideshows you can subscribe to, although all the ones I have seen look like they are aimed at single male teenagers (hot or not, lingerie etc etc).
Anyway, give Slide a whirl. You can register over at