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7 10 2005
Rach and I had our ultrasound this week. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, maybe the little one doing some dancing, or a couple of lengths of the amniotic pool doing the butterfly stroke, but alas, all we got to see was it’s bum. It seems my unborn child has inherited the stubborn gene from it’s mother and decided to hide from the ultrasound for the 20 odd minutes we were watching it. A bit dissapointing really. I though the doctor felt sorry for us so turned on the blood flow view, pretty cool… and the fetal heart beat was good… even if it scared the living bejeezus out of me when he turned it on….
This weekend we are building a retaining wall. Not really looking forward to standing out in the rain watching a bobcat cut up my back garden, but hell, it needs to be done. This week is the digging and the posts, next week is the ‘retaining’..
This week the League of Gentlemen Apocalypse was released on DVD. I so really wanted it to be good. All those great characters, Edward, Tubbs, Papa Lazarou….so what did they do, concentracted on Hillary Briss, Heir Lipp and Mike (can’t remember his surname, but he’s the annoying workmate who goes to far) and spent large portions of the film acting out some rubbish film script. I actually turned it off 3/4 of the way through. Very dissapointing. The bit with the Giraffe was quite funny though…
Been "reading" about lots of cool tv shows in the US.. come on Aussie TV networks, bid and buy these… Battlestar Series 2 , Invasion, Surface, Rome, Prison Break, and Threshold.. and of course the excellent 4th series of Spooks.



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4 11 2005

Congratulations Alex & Rachael !!

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