Deadlines looming..

28 09 2005

Finally a blog post from me!! It’s been a busy few days, I have a deadline coming up at work which means I need to get my head down and finish off some specs that I have been working on. The specs cover the merging of two existing systems into one and will be really cool when done, but they have taken way too long to get out… Hopefully next Friday we’ll hit the deadline and it will be over 🙂

I finally got around to installing Vista 5219 onto my main machine, it’s pretty slick, but I am going to hold off making it the default OS until it hits beta2. It’s great as you can see stuff evolving, but it’s still has a lot of issues with the software I use that needs to be resolved before I use it.

Been interested to read all the Office 12 stuff floating about, especially OneNote 12. I know I have said it before, but I will say it again, OneNote rocks. It’s reason enough to go out and buy a tablet, but you don’t need a tablet to use it, you can use it on a normal PC. Some of the search functionality just rocks, being able to index and search your own handwriting is amazingly powerful. The next version is touting being able to index video, audio and pictures. Wow!!

Last weekend I tried my hand at PC building for my nephew and it went well. We headed off to the computer stores of dandenong and bought a stack of components. After about an hour of tinkering the PC was built including a new case, 512 megs of memory, motherboard and AMD Sempron 64 bit process. Rach and I threw in wireless keyboard and mouse to boot. The whole thing including an OEM XP Home only came to $445! The system goes like stink, and my nephew is stoked.

Whilst at the store, I picked up a firewire card for my pc so I can transfer video from the DVC I bought a couple of weeks ago. How about this for cool.. I connected the camera.. XP detected it, installed it, put up a dialog asking if I wanted to use Movie Maker with it.. I answered yes, got a wizard that then proceeded to talk to the camera, rewind it, then play it automagically and capture the video! Kudos to Microsoft, once again this is how technology should be.



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