The Weekend…

19 09 2005
Went to the football on Friday night, since Sydney stuck it to Geelong the week before, I thought I would throw my considerable weight behind St Kilda. They lost. Bugger really as we paid $69 a pop to watch them in the rain and left about half way through the final quarter. When I finally got home though I set off the 2.something gig download of the latest interim build of Vista, which finished about 4:00pm on Saturday.
Saturday night watched ‘Sideways’ was a bit dissapointing to be honest.
Sunday, Rach and I went to the show. It was a lovely day. We stayed there for about 4 hours and ate lots of bad food. That’s the good thing about having a pregnant wife, when she fancies something bad, you have to get it for her, and of course share it 🙂  Speaking of pregnancy, Rach has started to feel the baby moving about. Hopefully I will be able to feel it soon… I’m getting so excited 🙂
In the evening I tried to install the latest Vista, unfortunately I ran into two major setup issues and havn’t been able to get any further. I will give it a couple of days for MS to come up with a fix, then the partition is getting nuked and Vista reinstalled a different way. 
Not a lot else to talk about really… so I will leave it here 🙂



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