Random thoughts and PDC goodies

14 09 2005
Lots and lots has been happening at work, so I apologise for the lack of Blog postings, but have been jotting down a few thoughts when I got the time, here they are:
  • Been listening a lot to the new James Blunt album. I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea when someone suggested it, but it’s really good. Rach loves it.
  • Watched a cracking film over the weekend called ‘Bubba Ho-Tep’, starring one of my favourite actors, Bruce Campbell. Bruce plays Elvis Presley, who isn’t dead but rather living in a retirement home along with JFK. I don’t want to give too much away, but the film is worth the price of hiring just for Bruce’s ‘Thank you, thank you very much’ line 🙂
  • Did some major video nerding at the weekend, thanks to the cool new Canon MV850i digital camcorder I bought. With the little one on the way, I wanted to get a camera so I can record it growing up for both Rach and myself,and my parents over there in the UK who arn’t going to get to see everything as easily. Without a firewire card transfer to the PC was a little interesting, but actually reading the manual, and with the help of a 256meg SD card, I managed to get some stuff over to the PC to be encoded and sent over messenger to the UK. My parents were wrapped. They saw the Ultrasound video I grabbed from the video recorder and saw their grandchild move for the first time. This is what technology is all about.
On to todays thoughts, the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is currently on in Los Angeles. Lots and lots of stuff being announced, including Microsoft Project Max which looks cool as. They also have started showing off Office 12 with screenshots of a radical new ribbon interface being shown off which looks fantastic, but I am not sure how end users will find it. I am itching to see what is coming up in Sharepoint. Plus Microsoft have also announced gadgets, konfabulator like apps that will run in the Vista Sidebar or on MSN’s Start.com. All attendees are getting a new Vista build, so I have my fingers crossed that the technical testers will get a refresh, especially since my wife is off to Chadstone Shopping Centre on Saturday and I will get a trouble free run at installing it.
Oh and whilst I think of it, Geelong lost to Sydney on Friday last week. We were robbed. I have now swapped over to St Kilda for the next two weeks. This friday I am off to watch St Kilda hopefully stick it to Sydney at the MCG in the preliminary final. If they win they will be in the grand final. If they lose, the last Saturday in September holds no interest at all. 🙂



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