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29 08 2005

Work has been really full on for the last couple of weeks, that coupled with the having action packed weekends as well has made it neigh on impossible to post. But I now have a few spare minutes, at 10:24pm on Monday night, before I go to bed and have to get up again at 5:30am…

I am really beginning to love the tabley as I have christened it. The main reason is OneNote, once again, this application is reason enough to use a tablet. Last week I used it in anger on site at a clients. Drawing up screen designs, taking notes in meetings, even just coming up with todo lists, this application simply rocks.

On the home front lots has been happening. Rach has finally managed to complete the house furniture, been going out to lots of things, had a great time at Chris and Rhona’s 30th birthday party on Saturday. Not been to a party where you got sweet bags at the end for a long long time. The food was awsome as well! This upcoming weekend we are catching up with some friends we have not seen for a while which should be great as well as helping my 12 year old nephew rip his CD’s and load up his iPod..

On a more personal front, Rach and I are getting ready for a new addition to the Burton house. In about 5 months time we are going to have a baby to contend with 🙂 When I first heard it didn’t really sink in, but since then we have had two ultrasounds and each one is more amazing than the one before. There is lots and lots to do before the little un arrives, so that is likely to take up a lot of time. Can’t wait though 🙂

On a nerdy front, I have really started to play with Vista. Wow. This thing is fast for a Beta1. I am looking forward to a new build with some more features and hopefully more drivers around the time of the PDC. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft annoucnce at the PDC. I am itching to see what is new in Sharepoint V3.

Right, well it’s 10:33pm now and I am really tired. So goodnight…



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30 08 2005

Congrats to you and Rach!
Dave G

4 11 2005

Congrats Alex and Rach as well !!

Get in touch mate..


Can provide contact details if needed….

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