22 08 2005

Andy at work finally buckled to my pestering… thanks Andy…

The result, my beloved Dell D505 getting swapped with a collegue for the sexy Toshiba M200 tablet PC… Friday was my first day with it, and I have to say it was awsome. OneNote was a cool application prior to running it on a tablet. Now it’s just simply awsome! The ability to markup documents with Electronic Ink rocks, you can review a document, mark it up, email it and not have to worry about losing the original marked up copy. My day book has gone electronic, and the best thing, you can reorganise the thing on the fly if need be, in fact you can also flag things and search through it.

At the weekend I spent a couple of hours fiddling around with it, mainly trying to get the wireless to work. Let this be a lesson to you all, the switch on the side that looks like a switch for the InfraRed, is infact the wireless hardware switch… d0h.. On reflection, i’m not really sure how the hell I could have mistaken the two… 🙂

I will update you all in a couple of weeks as to how the tablet is going, when I have had more of a chance to use it in anger…



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