7 08 2005

Flew in from the UK on Friday morning, the whole of Friday was a blur, but I am now over most of it. The trip to the UK was a blast, if not short. My sister’s wedding was fantastic, it was great to catch up with my family, many of which I hadn’t seen for over 6 years. Unfortunately it pissed down on the wedding day, but it didn’t detract from the fun.

During the trip we managed to catch up with my Australian in-laws who were in London as part of their round the world trip. We spent all of Tuesday hitting the sights of London, including the Palace, Parliament, the London Eye, River Cruise, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. We even managed to squeeze in a couple of horribly crowded underground trips which was suprising given the terrorist outrages in recent weeks. Of course, we also hit several pubs as the photo above shows.

Whilst in the UK I managed to get my parents computer up and running. Previously they had one of my old computers, which since leaving, they had managed to infect with 9 different trojans mainly due to not patching, so let this be a lesson to you all. Their new computer is a very nice Dell which is performing nicely. Coupled with the new broadband they are rocking and rolling. We just spent the last 50 minutes on Skype which I have to admit rocks. Much better than I thought it was going to be.

Well any post from me in recent times without mentioning Vista would be odd, so here is the obligatory mention. I downloaded it and installed it into a VPC as I didn’t want to bugger my main machine up without seeing if it was up to the task. My initial impressions are it’s pretty stable so next weekend it will probably be promoted to the main OS. The VPC just isn’t cutting the mustard with performance. Just need to get that new 200 gig SATA drive to back things up to. I am getting way too cautious in my old age. I have also installed IE7 on my main PC. The tabbed browsing rocks. Not run into any issues yet but will try my best to break it.

Work tomorrow.. not looking forward to having to use my brain again 😦

But on a final note, it appears the second series of BattleStar Galactica has started in my absence. Things are picking up 🙂



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