29 07 2005
The flight from Singapore was really good, it seems that Singapore Airlines have upgraded their inflight entertainment to video on demand on the their 747 megatops.. The main plus of this was 60 movies, 104 tv shows and 225 albums to choose from on the flight! Quite impressed. To be honest I was too knackered to make the most of it, but will on the way back.
Arrived at Heathrow yesterday afternoon and spotted another famous person coming off the LA flight.. Rebecca De Mornay. Well I was impressed. It was quite amusing seeing her having to queue up to get a car park ticket as well 🙂
It’s pretty warm here at the moment, but a little overcast. Lucily dad has got a slab of VB so all is well 🙂
Right.. I am signing off to go and finish configuring my folks’s new computer. Unluckily their broadband won’t be set up for a couple of days so I can’t download the Vista beta!



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30 07 2005

You sad, sad man. Stop thinking about Vista goddammit! Good to hear the flight was uneventful – nice work on the Rebecca De Mornay spotting – that’s true B-class celebritydom.

8 06 2007
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