Vista Beta One is out and I am in Singapore

28 07 2005
Well of course it was going to happen. Here I am in Singapore Airport checking my messages on the free internet and Vista Beta 1 has been released. Weighing in at a whopping 2.42 gig’s for the DVD image, there looks to be loads of versions including checked, symbols and server.. Maybe I will persuade Rach into downloading it for me whilst I am away so I can hit the install running next friday… sad eh?
The flight was relatively empty, I managed to stretch out across three seats and snooze listening to my pod. Still bloody tired as I only think I got an hour or two ‘s sleep. For some reason the cabin crew decided to give out menu’s for a flight from Singapore to Mumbai, which meant what they came around with was a complete surprise when it came.
Well I am off to explore the newly refurbished Changi airport in search of the Orchid stand. Oh and I just saw Andrew Gaze, the basketballer. He was on the flight, but not in cattle class obviously. 🙂



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