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27 07 2005
It seems that Melbourne Airport international departures has had a bit of a facelift. It even has a pseudo internet cafe going on.. The machines are locked down pretty well, but it didn’t stop me getting someone else’s OWA session when I entered the pin number!! I don’t think I will be logging into my Microsoft Connect account from here today.. wouldn’t want someone else getting the Vista beta before I did!!
Cleared customs ok, then security before realising that I need to claim the GST back no my ipod. Only problem is I had to leave the sterile area to do it… anyway, after much too-ing and throwing, I got out there and went to claim the GST, only to find that I can’t because I bought it more than 30 days before I left!! Bugger.. Sorry Rach.. I reckon there will be a kick in the knackers when I get home next week.
Apparantly the flight is quite quiet.. so hopefully I won’t have anyone sitting near me. I bought the new Patrick Robinson book and a Sudoku quiz thingy to keep my mind active during the flight. That is of course if I can’t sleep, which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY!!  I also loaded the pod up with a heap of podcasts, so I should finally be able to catch up with all those things that I have been trying to listen to but ended up being sidetracked by either Virgin Radio or Adam Curry.
Oh well.. the flight is another 1:50 minutes off being called, but I only have another 15 minutes of time left on the internet so I am off to surf other stuff 🙂



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28 07 2005

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28 07 2005

Having flown the UK-Australia route via Japan, I know that Tokyo Airport has a pretty good fast internet area…which is also free!

I think it’s sponsored by Yahoo!

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