Monday’s Bullet Point catchup….

25 07 2005
So this weekend I managed to do a fair few things, including:
  • Dug a grave, for a goat, in the pitch black
  • Managed to break off the ‘C’ key on my laptop from extreme typing
  • Increased my hate of Rob and Amber on the Amazing Race Series 7 that I am starting to watch
  • Packed for the UK
  • Decided that the new Chocolate and Raisin swirl bread is just too damn nice to wait for breakfast
  • Learnt several cool things about Sharepoint
  • Tried out Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, the coverage of Australia is not as good as Google’s, so Google stays my favourite (for the time being)
  • Decided I like the name Microsoft Vista.. Can’t wait for the beta to come out in the next week or so. Got to get the test PC up and running again
  • Aching thanks to the Goat Grave
  • Managed to avoid Geelong’s loss on the telly



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