No more Da Vinci code…

22 07 2005
It seems that the Da Vinci code has been replaced as the defacto read on Melbournes public transport network, this morning I counted four different people reading the new Harry Potter book. Now I am pleased to say that I have never read one of these books, nor seen the films, nor do I have any intention of doing so.
On a lighter note, I am off to the UK next Wednesday for a couple of days to attend my kid sisters wedding. At the moment I am loading up my ipod with good stuff to listen to on the journey over as the airline website seems to indicate that I have seen most of the films being shown on the flight 😦
I am really looking forward to catching up with my family, many of which I haven’t seen since I left to go on holiday in Australia back in September 1999. Unfortunately it is only a quick visit, I think I am in the UK for a total of 6 days then I fly back. Rach doesn’t really fly that well and usually takes a couple of days to get over it, so I am going on my own. The big plus is that I get to have English Bacon, Marks and Spencer Pasta Salad, Proper Coleslaw, English Choccy, Eccles cakes, Chelsea Buns and all the other fine english fair.. the downside is that I will have to have two seats to come in!!



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