Longhorn is Windows Vista : Official

22 07 2005

Microsoft just released a press release video confirming that the next generation operating system previously known as will be officially known as .

Cool. I like the name… sounds futuristic..

Update: Just noticed that Microsoft.com now has a Windows Vista page at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/default.mspx

Now roll on the beta test. Beta1 should be available by August 1st according to the page.. 🙂



2 responses

23 07 2005

Each new release seems to offer a couple more frills and not much more in terms of functionality. I won’t be rushing out to buy it.

23 07 2005

new windows, new bugs & insecurities…always the same!

but no doubt, i’ll be looking seriously at getting it when it’s released, like i did when xp got released, and before that 98!

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