The catch up post…

6 07 2005

Been a while since I posted so I will give you a run down of what’s new in easy to digest bullet point form…

  • Work is full on… lots and lots on the go
  • Home is full on… lots and lots on the go
  • The iPod rocks.. really getting into podcasts. The iTunes 4.9 software makes it ridiculously easy to download stuff. I am still refining my selection of Podcast subscriptions but Adam Curry is in there (the Podfather) and strangely enough so is the UK Virgin Radio Breakfast show up there
  • Discovered the power of Technorati today. Very useful. Will start tagging my posts of note (if there every are) from today
  • Still getting bucket loads of Spam on my gmail account, please stop.
  • Getting ready for my trip to the UK in a couple of weeks for my sisters wedding
  • Started mutilating cows on my Xbox (Destroy all humans)
  • Been thrashed at Forza by a range of people, aged from 12 to 30 plus
  • Been enjoying Jessica Simpson’s new clip for ‘These boots are made for walking’ 🙂
  • Reading Master Yoda’s blog. Absolutely fantastic. “Cut your hands off, he will”
  • Evangilsed the most excellent Picasa image management software to some people



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