iPod first impressions

26 06 2005

It’s cool. My thoughts so far, bearing in mind I have only used it in anger whilst doing the vacuuming this morning:

  • Love the interface, the click wheel rocks
  • You REALLY have to make sure your ID3’s are upto date to get the most from the menu system
  • Love the cool little albums that are displayed
  • Sound is excellent, but I am no audiophyle
  • Dissapointed there is no Melbourne time zone. In fact the only Aussie time zone is Brisbane
  • Still not convinced by Podcasts.. downloaded a few and will give them a go on the train to work tomorrow (there is even a Sharepoint podcast which I have gotten to give a whirl!)
  • Need a cover… come on Apple you could have thrown one in
  • Still need to try the file transfer functionality at work tomorrow
  • iTunes is growing on me



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