New Gadget is coming

17 06 2005

I am sitting here in Canberra at the moment, itching to get home to play with my new gadget. Yes, I have succombed to the hype and bought an iPod. 30 gigs of colour ipod photo-y goodness!!

It’s my second Apple purchase ever, and my first full price Apple purchase. I bought a discount Newton a long long time ago, which by the way still rocks and will be coming back to Australia with me when I go to the UK and liberate it from my parents loft in July. I have been reading about all the cool things it can do, and I really want to be impressed by iTunes, as I have it installed at the moment and I have to say it isn’t impressing me that much.

Anyway, I will of course post some photo’s (as is my thing at the moment) of it when it arrives and show you how sexy it is, and if your lucky, a shot of my sexy hand holding it…

Well the people where I am working are starting to file in, so I best get some work started…



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