Xbox Media Center

13 06 2005

A couple of weeks ago I finally got my xbox chipped. Before you ask, not because I want to buy dodgy games from the market. I am not a game person. No, the main reason was to try some homebrew software called Xbox Media Center (xbmc). XBMC rocks, it’s like having a Media Centre PC in your lounge.

XBMC will allow you to play your MP3’s and music collection over the television, with all the associated artwork and visualisation. Very Swish.

It also plays movies, not just DVD’s but also DivX’s, xvids, avis and the like through the TV, no more having to convert your latest 24 or Lost episodes to VCD to watch them. Oh yeah, and because the xbox has a network connection, the content of XBMC can be pulled down off the net as well, the prime example being the Weather….

The Xbox 360 looks great… but it will have to surpass the functionality of my current xbox before I will be changing..

More information on Xbox Media Center can be seen at

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