League of Gentlemen : Apocalypse

5 06 2005

On my weekly Sunday night phone call to my parents, my mum let it slip that there was a League of Gentlemen movie coming out. So I did some searching. You can find the official site here http://www.uip.co.uk/leagueofgentlemen/ also there seems to be a semi official LoG site at http://www.thisisalocalshop.com. The latter has a blog by the creators, but alas no RSS feed.

It has all the ingedients to be awsome, including Edward, Tubbs, Hier Lipp and most importantly Papa Lazarou (Hello Dave!). The trailer seems to indicate that Royston Vasey is in danger, and to fix it, the characters must come into the present day. Bad plot, but huge comedic potential.

Not sure when / if it will be released in Australia. Hopefully it will still be in the cinema’s when I visit the UK in July. Posted by Hello



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