My worst hotel stay so far…

25 05 2005

Last night there was something on in Canberra, as such I couldn’t get a room at my usual hotel, the Rydges Capital Hill. Instead I ended up in the Canberra Rex. Wotif gives it an ok write up, but it lies.

First off the hotel looks horrible from the outside. For some reason they took it upon themselves to authorise $20 off my credit card for no reason. The halls have mirror’d ceilings which is scary. The room itself has pinky peach walls and it very retro. The room service is ok, but over an hours wait for a meal is a bit over the top.

Now what is really naff, is that somehow they managed to give the room key to another person who tried to get in whilst I was eating my dinner. Only the security chain on the door stopped him getting in.

I can’t bring myself to try out the breakfast.. I guess I will be trying out another Commonwealth Bacon and Egg Pide 🙂

Oh and it gets better… at 7:00am this morning the fire alarm went off. Twice. It seems the fire alarms are of the type that steam from a hot shower will set them off.

Of course when I finally left it seems that the taxi’s of Canberra, which at the best of time are woefully inadequate, are experiencing delays of 30 – 60 minutes due to Canberra being full. This is Australia’s capital city.. How the hell can they not be geared up for this!?



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